Recycled Plastic Sheet

Instead of throwing away plastic wastes, we keep them!

Our hand-made plastic sheets are made from HDPE plastic waste(e.g. bottle water caps, food containers). Each sheets are hand-crafted with quirky pattern and imperfections telling its recycling story.

Why is it so special?


Recycled plastics can be used in applications from small-scale products and furniture, to large-scale commercial interiors.

Please see below examples of applications:

– Store Design/Exhibition : Displays, Signage, Partitions, Plinths, Panels

– Homeware : Cabinets, Tabletops, Shelving, Seating, Countertops

We do NOT recommend using our plastic sheets as a kitchen countertop as it may expose to heat.

Recycled Plastic Sheet User Guide


Our plastic sheets can be cut using various types of saws. Circular saws on a rail and table saws will provide clean straight lines through the material. We also recommend CNC for precise cutting. However, CNC may cause a decorative routed finish on the surface. We do NOT recommend laser cutting. The materials may give off noxious gasses when melted at a higher temperature.

Surface Finishing

Scratches and marks can be carefully sanded out using gentle pressure with a fine grit of sandpaper or scotchbrite pads. You can use buffing mop or wheel to produce a shine finish.


Heat is probably the only enemy to our plastic sheets. Please do not expose the sheets to a temperature of over 50°C. We also recommend storing your sheets laid flat. It is fine to stack multiple sheets. If it tends to bend, you may stack your sheets in the opposite direction. They’ll soon return to their original forms.