Let us tell you about our story

From London to Bangkok

Met and inspired in London, two MA students with creative backgrounds started their journey to explore into possible materials and Not too Virgin Design Lab was born.

Sustainability is one of the biggest global issues of today. Aligning our strategies with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we aim to provide new lives to recycled – or what we call “not too virgin” – and greener materials with good designs that answer to the needs and lifestyles of the people who not only appreciate good designs and functionality but also care for sustainability.

The problem
The problem with today’s market is that although there are an increasing number of innovators who care for the environments with good hearts, great intention and new choices of recycled materials; further possibilities for the qualities of designs and the aesthetics that contribute to higher values are yet to be explored.

Our solution
We choose to utilise recycled and greener materials in innovative product designs that answer to the needs and lifestyles of the people who love aesthetically pleasing designs and choose the more environmentally friendly options.

What is missing from the market currently is high-value designs made from recycled materials. Our products try to fill in these gaps between sustainability and value-added designs, which are unique and will offer to meet the unmet needs. Not too Virgin design lab delivers bespoke, customisable products made from recycled and/or greener materials for personal and commercial uses.

We provide new possibilities for transforming recycled and greener materials through good designs. 
We focus on sustainability, aesthetics and functionality.

Kwanchan S. & Sirada K.
Co-Founders at
Not too Virgin Design Lab Co., Ltd.

EMAIL: contact@nottoovirgin-designlab.com