Jesmonite Material Guide

Jesmonite materials are two-part materials, a liquid and a powder, when combined the materials can create an array of colours, textures and finishes. Jesmonite can be used for a wide variety of decorative purposes to create anything from jewellery to coasters to table tops!

Jesmonite is known as the Chameleon material because it can replicate a diverse range of textures and fine details. The potential with Jesmonite materials are endless, from terrazzo and marble designs to mixing pigments to create unique colours are just a few ways to create amazing bespoke products.

Why is it so special?

Jesmonite products are composite materials, a combination of a reactive mineral base and a pure water-based acrylic resin. It is strong and lighter than concrete.

All Jesmonite products are water-based, non-solvent and contain no VOC’s.


Jesmonite has been used in applications from small-scale products and furniture, to large-scale commercial interiors or art installations.


Jesmonite is the perfect way to brighten up your office, from colourful coasters to pencil pots to organisational trays! The pigments offer a fabulous opportunity to add a splash of colour to
your work!


Jesmonite AC730 is the perfect material to use for garden ornaments and decorative plant pots. The beauty of AC730 is it creates a stone effect which will look amazing outdoors!


Personalise your home by creating unique homeware with Jesmonite materials. Jesmonite AC100 is perfect for indoor decorative tableware and furniture and creates an endless range of possibilities!


Jesmonite is perfect for decorating your retail space. You’ll be able to create an accent piece to your space such as counter top or even wall panel.

Jesmonite Colour Palette

These samples are just small bits of what Jesmonite pigment can achieve!